Max [birth story]

This isn't my first rodeo with the Leavitt family, we go back....way back to when they were engaged, married, had their first baby, and now, their second baby! They are such a sweet and pleasant family to be around, so I was thrilled when Karly asked me to photograph another birth story for her.

Karly was set to get induced one week before her due date. From personal and work experience, and a time estimation from the doc and nurses, we knew it wouldn't take long before baby 2 made his entrance. Sure enough, a couple hours after the doctor broke her water, she was ready to push and Max was born. After baby was all clean and dressed, I stayed long enough to capture older sister's reaction to her new baby brother.

I never tire of hearing a newborn's cry and I'm never gonna tire of saying how thankful I am to all my clients who trust me to photograph such a special milestone in their life. Congrats to the Leavitt family on their newest addition, and thank you for letting me be a part of it!

(doesn't she make labor look good?!)