My family pictures

This is my cute little family. Because I take our family photos every year, I've learned to be quick and embrace the imperfections- even the cry faces from the kiddos. I took a risk and waited 1.5 hours past  their bedtime, but the lighting was WORTH it (I mean do you see those colors in the sky and the creamy colors on our skin?!). We were done within 30 minutes, our family pictures are now updated in our home, and I am one happy mama!

Tips for taking your own family photos from me to you!
-Be prepared with poses. It makes things run so much smoother than without
-Invest in a wireless remote
-Have some sort of toy or object on top of the camera for your kids to look at
-When choosing your outfits and or a location, pick colors that match with your home decor
-Shoot in RAW during golden hour or 30 minutes before sunset for creamy colors
-Make it fun, fast, and most importantly, bribe the little ones and your spouse ;)