Nutt baby [birth story]

Earlier this week I had the wonderful opportunity to witness and photograph another Nutt birth, for a beautiful baby girl.

With texts going on and off throughout the early morning, the call to head to the birth center finally came around 6 am. With dimmed lights, and the last little bit of labor, baby girl was born shortly after  7am. What an honor it was to be present and capture another milestone for our good friends. Congrats to the Nutt family and their newest addition!nuttbirth001 nuttbirth002nuttbirth003nuttbirth004nuttbirth005nuttbirth006nuttbirth007nuttbirth008nuttbirth009nuttbirth010nuttbirth011nuttbirth012nuttbirth013nuttbirth014nuttbirth015nuttbirth016nuttbirth017nuttbirth018nuttbirth019nuttbirth020nuttbirth021nuttbirth023nuttbirth024nuttbirth025nuttbirth026nuttbirth027