2015 changes to Aja Jemmett Photography

I announced it on FB, and I'll announce it here. For those who haven't noticed, a few changes have occurred  One of which includes a name switch to Aja Jemmett Photography, as well as a change in email and web address (you can find those changes in the "about" section or just view the image below).

Also, starting January 2015, Aja Jemmett Photography will be going through a price bump for all services and will be discontinuing minis and discounts. Why you may ask? Because after 5 years of catering to the "college budget," having a family, and having an increase in skills and experience, I have learned that time is valuable and I'm ready to take the next step in my photography career.

So what does this mean? This means I will only be offering a limited amount of portraits, birth stories and weddings a year. Doing so will allow me to give the highest amount of attention and quality to each client so I can dedicate more attention to your portraits, birth stories and weddings.

For those of you who are still interested in taking advantage of my 2014 pricing before the new year, you can do so by simply scheduling any portrait session this year, or by signing a contract for a birth story or wedding BEFORE 2015 (so if you are due for a baby or wedding in 2015, and would like my 2014 pricing, all that's needed is a contract signing and deposit).

And last but not least, for all my fans and clients who have always supported me, THANK YOU!! I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for YOU.

Aja Jemmett