Henry [birth story]

From gender reveals, to a maternity shoot, and now a birth story, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the Nutt family along their journey to parenthood. And although I've photographed multiple birth stories, Henry's was unique and different.

For starters, it was my first time photographing at a birth center, and secondly, Minta is my first client to have a 100% all natural birth. No meds, no intervention of any kind. Just plain natural. And while I may be biased (because I was the same way with both of my boys), there's just something so empowering, and beautiful when a woman relies on her own strength to give birth to their precious child.

Minta did amazing and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get teary eyed the moment I first heard Henry's cry. I love what I do, and I am SO grateful for ALL my wonderful clients who trust, and allow me to photograph the birth of their child. Birth photography may not be for everyone, but like any mom who can relate, remembering all the beautiful details can be a blur and having these precious memories to look back upon is priceless. Sure, there can be a relative or spouse to pass the camera to, but it's not the same (trust me, I've tried). Photographs of dad encouraging mom, the strength of a mother, two individuals becoming parents, a family being born, the first touch, the tears, the wrinkly skin can only be lived once. Being born is a big deal, and sometimes we tend to forget those special moments and feelings we once felt- especially as they get older and we become busier in life. Just like we want weddings to be remembered, shouldn't the birth of each child be the same?

This is Henry's birth story photographed.