Birth Photography

Birth photography has always been a growing passion for me. Ever since I first laid my eyes on beautiful, moving, and well documented birth photography, I knew it was something I wanted to offer. There was nothing more powerful in a photograph than to capture an infant entering the world and to see that instant bond between mother and child. Of course, I could never truly understand the emotions depicted in those photographs unless I experienced it myself. So before even diving into this new field, I wanted to wait until I became a mother too.

Well I'm happy to say the wait is over. On February 1st at 9:11pm, I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy. Originally, I had a birth photographer scheduled to capture my birth story, but after calling multiple times and only getting an answering machine the day of the event, we went to plan B, which was to have my wonderful mother-n-law take pictures with my camera instead. Words cannot express how grateful I am for my MIL and her willingness to capture such precious moments to me! Without her, I wouldn't have beautiful, and touching photographs to remind me of my labor and all the emotions I felt that day. Every single photograph means the mean the world to me.

I believe every woman should have some form of documentation of their birth story. Why? Because carrying an infant for 9 months and experiencing a unique birth to that very child does not come everyday. The journey of becoming a mother itself is exciting, but to experience motherhood for the first time, for each child is overwhelming with so many emotions that you forget what happens around you. All you're focused on is that precious new baby you just gave birth to.

Going through what I've gone through has given me a greater respect and love for photography. Photography which makes one cry, smile and feel what another is feeling. For me, this is photography that is well captured. It's not just another pretty face to look at, but rather, there's emotion and love evident in the wrinkle of a smile, tears of joy or pain, and squeezing hands of loved ones.

So, I am happy to say, as soon as I graduate with my BA in photography this coming July, I will be expanding my services to new and greater things! So, if you or anyone you know of is around the Rexburg area and will be giving birth anytime after August, send them my way. I am looking to build my portfolio and will be offering free birth stories to 2 lucky gals :) But until then, I am back to doing portraits and weddings, so make sure to stay tuned for an upcoming engagement session this month and a wedding in June!

For more details on birth photography, email me at detailsmissed(at) for more info.