Women & Beauty [series]

Artist Statement
I once read that every photographer will have something they are truly good at, something that is their passion or calling, something that makes their heart skip a beat every time they take their camera out. Throughout the years as a photo student & exploring all types of photography, I have discovered that what I enjoy doing, and what makes my heart sings lies in portrait photography. I do it because I love it.

As far choosing a specific category for my series, it wasn’t until I heard a song titled “who says,” when I knew what I wanted to do... I wanted to photograph women in my ward & anything physical that makes them feel beautiful.

Beauty can be interpreted in many ways. For Google, it can range from an outstanding example of its kind, to qualities that give pleasure to the senses. For Hollywood, it may mean tall, slim and attractive, but what really matters is what we, everyday women consider beauty for ourselves. And that’s exactly what I wanted to reveal in my series.